Nanda Paresh
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Nanda Paresh

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Well, Yes! 

 Because at times a single man can do wonders too! 

 He is a man full of knowledge, experience, techniques, innovations, wisdom & a lot more.. (the list is quite long) 

 He is a believer of walking a little ahead of time. 

 He is a trend setter rather than following the trend! 

 SEO- When this word was unheard by most of us, he already was walking his way through it. 

 He believes in thorough research to everything and with his this ability, He was introduced to the world of SEO. And through which he did SEO for 15 years ago.  

OOPS! You might be wondering who this “HE” is?

 Well he is none other than the CEO of this company- Mr. Paresh Nanda